Vieany flagship store for upgrade

By:Vieany Sanitary Ware

In September 11, 2012, vieany Ceramics City Chinese bathroom in the flagship store of two renovation upgrade, and held a grand opening ceremony. According to the reporter understands, the vieany bathroom showroom image upgrade took more than a month, not only reflects the Wei Yani attaches great importance to the bathroom brand terminal stores image, and positioning "global bathroom" vieany bathroom meet twentieth Foshan Ceramics Expo is coming to a new look.


The China Ceramic City Hall, four floor of the elevator to the main road walking leisure sanitary ware, sanitary district, first greet reporters eyes is magnificent and solemn vieany bathroom exhibition appearance. The interior design of the exhibition hall is divided into two major areas: the domestic modern style ceramic sanitary ware area and the European high-end luxury series products area. The different styles of regional division and the overall display of classic series make the layout of the exhibition hall clearer and clearer, and let customers purchase the intention products at the first time in the door.

Vieany sanitary ceramic ware from a few years ago a single product upgrade to the whole bathroom, frequently in recent years and Italy professional designers cooperation product design and development, while the introduction of Italy, Spain and other international advanced technology and equipment, the introduction of a variety of European style bathtub and shower room cabinet, and high-end fashion vieany overall style complement each other. Reporters from the exhibition hall to see, supporting the program flagship products are using the whole bathroom, each suite were made full of sound and colour.


(pictured vieany bathroom general manager Chen Yichao)

Vieany bathroom according to general manager Chen Yichao introduced the vieany hall image upgrade, breaking the traditional decorative style from the inside to the outside of the conservative. The original enclosed wall of the exhibition hall is changed into an open brick red square wood window, which improves the indoor lighting and ventilation effect of the exhibition hall, and enables customers to identify your products outside the exhibition hall. The upgraded exhibition hall highlights the European classical luxury design, increasing the transparency of the glass window texture, making the whole brand grade a great improvement.

Vieany as a European integrated bathroom in the course of eleven years of development, step by step, and keep pace with the times. Due to various internal and external factors, many enterprises are forced to cut down their expenses and close shop display in the face of high rent and cold market environment. Settled in the city of Chaozhou China ceramic enterprises vieany brand, has maintained a strong growth momentum, upgrade, product innovation of store image, reflects vieany in adversity growing determination and ability to change. According to Chen Yichao introduced this year, the external environment is not too optimistic, but vieany bathroom rely on innovation and handling skills, the introduction of new products, adhere to the high-end positioning vieany, so the overall market situation is good, especially exports and encouraging growth.


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