Brand Concept

Low-carbon forward, love the earth, you and I are peers.

  • 环保

    Environmental Protection

    VIEANY The water-saving technology can eliminate the waste of domestic water effectively and alleviate the water crisis fundamentally. Each of our products are considerate of human to bring comfortable and consideration. Low-carbon forward, caring for the earth, you and me

  • 诚信


    The value of the product is dedicated to customer, it will be comfortable and reassurance. VIEANY is committed to the quality of the products, and Teamwork, excellence and dedication to the enterprise spirit

  • 品质


    Paid the great attention on every details,keep improving,keep pursuing the excellence of high quality. During the process of the VIEANY production, from the selection of the materials to the details of every production crafts, all are confirmed by strictly inspection management program, trying to ensure that all the products are perfect. With the strict quality control system and good after- sales service,keeping the perfect service for the customers. What we do is with market-oriented policy,insist on the originals and keeping our special features.


ADD:Gusi industrial zone, guxiang, chaoan, chaozhou, guangdong, china.