"Vieany" chess team awards ceremony held A new force suddenly rises..

By:Vieany Sanitary Ware

The morning of August 30th, is located in the ancient town of Chaoan County, Chaozhou City, the ancient lane four development zone vieany Ceramics Co. Ltd. with the crowds, which in addition to the summer heat, the more it is flowing in early autumn cool, filled with the joy of harvest.

Before the awarding ceremony, the small players of the weiqi Weiqi team were playing.

The young go championship of Guangdong province in 2010, held in Chaozhou city in August 11th to 15, has been successfully completed, from the ancient town of Chaozhou Xiang Chaoan County Wei Yani team beat Guangzhou, Shenzhen A new force suddenly rises., and other traditional teams become the bright younger generation, won the individual championship 3 groups, the 31 teams participating in a gain most gold medals in the team, for the city of Chaozhou, as well as Guxiang won a high-profile honor.

Left are: Chaozhou weiqi association chairman Xie Shuzhong, Guxiang Town Mayor Su Wenshen, director of the Chaozhou Municipal Sports Bureau Lin Guangpeng, Chaozhou city vieany ceramics company chairman Chen Yichao, Gu Xiang town Party committee Su Huanmin, Guxiang Ceramics Association Secretary General Chen Dingpeng.

Get good grades to congratulate "vieany" chess team, winning glory for the recognition of "Wei Yani" team of young players, especially vieany ceramics Limited company held a grand ceremony. The leadership of the Chaozhou Municipal Sports Bureau Chief Lin Guangpeng, Guxiang Town Mayor Su Wenshen, Gu Xiang town Party committee Su Huanmin, Guxiang Ceramics Association Secretary General Chen Dingpeng, Chaozhou ceramics company chairman Chen Yichao, chairman of Chaozhou Weiqi Association Xie Shu Zhong and guests attended the ceremony and the opposition between the exploits of the players for the award.

, according to Mr. Lin Jinshun, the coach, has more than 30 players in this game, which is the age of 6-8. The coach team in Wu Qi mainly in the process of training the coaches, players go level increased. He said, can play better than Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other traditional teams in the competition the level, enough to prove that the ancient town of "vieany" chess team.

Vieany ceramics Limited company chairman Mr. Chen Yichao with a photo of the award-winning young players

As a ceramic enterprise, what is its original intention to set up "Weiya" Weiqi team? Vieany Ceramics Co., Ltd. Chairman Mr. Chen Yichao said: "I love children, also pay more attention to the healthy growth of children, and go is a help to the intelligence development of sports, so I think that promote Guxiang children's learning chess atmosphere is a matter of great significance, in recent years vieany go to town Ceramic Co., contests and other activities to support."

So what's the impact of the "Wei Yani" go team's outstanding achievements in the Guangdong youth go championship? What does it bring to the brand of Wei Yani bathroom itself? Chairman Chen Yichao further said "vieany" chess team and vieany sanitary ware brand has been formed between the mutual promotion and mutual promote the benign development of relations. Vieany ceramics Limited company is from export to domestic sales stage, the need to better shape the brand image to develop the domestic market, in recent years vieany constant pursuit of innovation, has made some new breakthroughs in product development, following the launch of the gold toilet, another after three years of development of gold bath products also coming to the market, and the outstanding performance of the "vieany" chess team is a publicity vieany bathroom brand opportunity.


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